Friday, August 6, 2010

Journey for Wonder Girls in MTV World Stage 2010


So,I will tell you everything about what I did before MTV World Stage 2010 and ofcause for Wonder Girls that I love the most! ^_^
But 1st I would like to say sorry if there's any grammar and spelling error because i'm not really good in English especially grammar...sorry..T_T

It start around early of June...I was busy working that time at one of famous fabric company in Malaysia..
so,I don't have a time to online..I only check my twitter when I worked at afternoon on the next day...
one day,I was checking my twitter...I feel sooo weird why all tweeps that I followed were spaming about Wonder Girls and about MTV World Stage...
Without think of anything,I straight away go to MTV Asia website to check what was happening.
I was soooo Shock Shock (BEAST song,shock XD) with the news..I saw my beloved girl group, Wonder Girls is in MTV World Stage website that been told they will perform for MTV WORLD STAGE!!!
my mouth keep saying "omg omg omg omg omg"over and over again...LOL
Started from that time I was always online after got back from work...not online my twitter of facebook, but only for hunting that naked alien and bee  on mtv world stage official site.
I was so frustrated with that hunting..I never get to spot them both.maybe it because my internet is sooo damn slow!=__=
I wrote about it on twitter and facebook and someone told me there's will be a roadshow for mtv world stage at Sunway Piramid on 17 and 18 of July...
started from that,my feeling to hunt the naked alien and bee on the website getting lazy day by day...LOL
and I went to the roadshow with kak Bee and Bobo..


I went out and take bobo around 10am something..and then pick kak Bee up at Subang Jaya KTM station...
I thought we're late..because I've read about the roadshow before went out it stated that the roadshow will be start at 12pm...
we're arrived at Sunway Piramid around 12pm something and we straight away go to the stage..we affraid if we are late for it..
but when we're there,there's still no people!so,we decided went to Xpax booth..
the sales man told us that if we buy RM30 for top up we'll get one Xzone pass for world stage and RM50 for 2 passes..
Without think anything we bought the topup..thank god that time i have RM50 with me...LOL

The roadshow started at 1pm something...BitterSweet band was performed before the roadshow started..I didn't want to join any game at the 1st round because I know there will be Meet n Greet passes at the last,we just standing the really infront of stage..LOL
The 1st round stopped at 2pm something..then,we were having lunch at Korea Street cafe...

The stage during roadshow

BitterSweet...He looked like vampire..LOL

The 2nd round started at 4pm and before VJ Utt and Hafiz came out, there also got a permance from Sunway Lagoon Orang Asli and chinese band group from Indonesia..forgot what their group name is..Fire Red?Red Dragon?something like that..LOL
finally!!!it's Meet and Greet passes give away~ wonder girls meet and greet passes was the 1st...
I keep screaming "pick me pick me" that time and also begging to Utt to pick me..but he said randomly "I can't pick you..sorry.."
I was almost give up because that time there's already 6 persons on stage for the wg M&G game..but four of them was stucked at when Utt and hafiz ask "list the name of WG members" they really not a WonderFuls..
-__- we even psycho the by telling the wrong name like "tiffany,taeyon,nickhun" LOL
and I keep screaming "they're not Wonderfuls they're not Wonderfuls!I'm WonderFuls!"hahahahaha
and Utt told to the four person that can't answer the question to go pick other person to replace them since they can't answer the question...
I keep saying "pick me!pick me!"once again...but they just ignore me..-___-
so the new four person got picked..but suddenly two person can't answer it..that time i starting to scream really out loud."PICK ME!!!PICK ME!!!"

I dunno what happen,but that girl pick me to replace her on stage..I have say thank to kak Bee and Bobo because they're pointing at me when i'm screaming that pick me pick me thing and make the girl picked me..LOL
so,I have to answer the question.."list the WG member group"I wanna say Sunye 1st..but I said "sunmi,yeeun,yubin,sohee,lim"and suddenly i think back what i've said.. sunmi??????omg~i feel like i'll loose the game..
but thankfully Utt didn't heard it..or he just ignored it?LOL
and then I have to sing and dance to Nobody..seriously my face look so straight and pale that time...because of the nervouseness was in high level...-___-
and yesssss!!!!I got the Wonder Girls Meet and Greet passes~~~oh oh oh oh oh my god~LOL
starting from that day,I told kak bee and bobo that we should prepare something for the girls..since i won the meet and greet pass,so i decided to give the girls gift..but it's not only from me..also MYwonderfuls~(can u see how love i am to MYwonderfuls?not being selfish..LOL)
It still not finish yet...I actually can bring one member to M&G..but seriously I dunno who I should bring..
In my mind that time is "would it be kak Bee or Bobo"..*sigh...because of them I won the Meet and Greet passes..thanks once again...I told kak Bee that i dunno who should i bring..and then she said,it's ok if I didn't choose her because I brought her to BEAST showcase for free on early of July before...So, start from there, I told to my self "yes it's confirmed that I'll bring Bobo along".But that time I didn't tell her yet...I even told kak Bee to keep this sceret..I'll tell her when the MTV World Stage is around the corner..
And I think I told her on 27 July, three days before the world Bobo, surprise surprise~~ kekekeke ^_^

The Indonesian Chinese band...


from right: me,kak Bee and Bobo's eye..LOL^^

Because of them I went to the roadshow...

And this is what I got from the roadshow...The girls got same Tshirt as me~LOL


So, this is what I bought that representing MYwonderfuls for the girls is rambutan,mangosteen,mata kucing,dodol, coconut candy,hand fan,sun flower(for my sunye unnie), Sunye's bday cake with pandan flavor and I love Malaysia Tshirt...actually bobo and kak bee who the one bought I love Malaysia tshirt..I just gave them an idea...So many problem we have to face...No XXS size la,not enough money la...but as a great Wonderfuls we have to scarifies right?so,it's ok for me if I don't have a money for lunch only because wanna buy the gift for them...I have experienced it before...but thank god our forum,MYwonderfuls got a donation from other staff..thank you MYwonderfuls~you guys sooo wonderfuls to meeee~~~~ ^_^
All the gifts that i bought is from, I have to bring them back home..and my house is in Shah Alam..all the gifts is about 10kg!!I carried it with a big pink bag with my shoulder..thank god my shoulder is fine..LOL.

So, total of the gift that are from MYwonderfuls is 7 paper bags..2 big paper bags that filled with foods and 5 for them individually...I would like say thanks to Rachel because she helped me to make the paper bags more full with her biscuit and that cartoon thing...(i dunno what is that actually..the black and white thing..sorry Rachel -_-)

This is what I bought from Melaka..not including the fruits..

MYwonderfuls gift for the girls...

Sunye birthday cake from MYwonderfuls

31 JULY 2010...IT'S MTV WORLD STAGE!!!!!!

31 July is Saturday..and Bobo already slept in my house since Friday night...I even met Kenny with his friend,JayZ and brought them to eat roti, we wake up lil bit late on Saturday morning, around 9am and we went out around 10.30am.But we not straight away go to Sunway Lagoon..We went to UiTM to take a camera from Bobo's friend and went to Sony Erricsson to take MTV World Stage that i won.I was the 1st 125 peoples who bought Xperia X10 mini..and I bought it because i'm affraid if I don't have the passes and that's mean I can't meet the girls..After that I went to take my sister and send her to her bf house.

I dunno this would be happen but the traffic jam was REALLY BAD! I'm was affraid is we didn't make it to arrived before 12pm because me and Bobo have to distribute the "I Love WG" tshirt to MYwonderfuls and Jessica keep calling us when we'll arrive..Jessica is one of MYwonderfuls staff that handle on the light stick and balloon.  So, we arrived at Sunway Piramid around 12.30pm.i parked my car at Sunway Piramid basement. We kinda lost inside the Sunway Piramid because we can't find J.Co Donut,the place where MYwonderfuls should be gathering..Thank god the security guard helped us to show the way..we're running while holding about 50 "I Love WG" tshirt..can u imagine how heavy it is?LOL.
Jessica already waiting for us when we arrived..She was with SGwonderfuls Kenny,JayZ and friends...The untie who sold the lightstick also there already..So,without waste our time,we distributing the tshirt and lightstick..we took about 2 hours to distributed..and then,we wrap everything back and I put the extra tshirt in my car...But that time lot of MYwonderfuls members said there's already a loooonnngggg queue!I was soo scared if I can't be at the's ok if I can't be at infront of the stage but I wanna hang MYwonderfuls banner infront of,the girls can see it...

busy distrubuting the tshirt...

MYwonderfuls banner~~~(^_^)

The 1st gate suddenly opened when me and other Wonderfuls on our way to que up.So,I ran to the front and pulled their hand with me.I think I pulled kak Bee hand..LOL.Then,we have to wait for the 2nd gate to be open..
But that time we suddenly sprated with other Wonderfuls...especially Kenny..I called them so many time to go at front and follow the lightstick..but they didn't come..
And the 2nd gate opened!the peoples there keep pushing me when I was about want to enter the 2nd and my leg was stucked in the barricade and I fell down!I thought I can pull my leg when I fell but the people there keep pushing and my leg stucked deeper and deeper..I screamed soooo damn loud!It's really hurt!!!I keep screaming "MY LEG!MYLEG!MY LEG!!!!" The two scurity there tried to help me..One of them was holding my hand..I thought my leg gonna break that time..thank god nothing happen..Just a really BIG bruise~

before enter...

I thought after that we can straight away enter the main entrace..but uh uh..not yet!We still have to waiting for the 3rd gate to be open..I lost my  small piece pass and we qued at the wrong place!we suppose to be in XZone line but we're at Normal passes line..Me and Eunice keep asking the scurity and the MTV staff to allow us jump the gate and queue at Xzone line..but they keep saying "no,you have to queue up back if you wanna do that" WTF!I was at the front and have to queue back with 15000 peoples?!?!?!?!NO!!!!=___="
So, we decided to queue at Normal pass line because the MTV staff said "you can go to Xzone counter when u want to enter".
I rolled my pass and Eunice's together..still remember what i've told you?I lost the small piece of the pass..the MTV staff said you need to have both piece,big and small...
I gave our pass to who incharged the counter, she seems confiused about it and i just shown my hand and she sticked the Xzone sticker..I'm clever right?LOL =D


The bruise that getting worse day by day..It's look more darker now..but anything for the girls right?

So,we all got entered to Sunway Lagoon..we were running because we wanna be at the front and my aim is wanna to hang the Wonder Girls banner...but all scurity there keep told us "don't run!don't run!walk!"-_-
But suddenly ran really fast when we enter at the suft beach area because there is the stage!!
There's already lot of Tokio Hotel fans at the front..I really dunno what to do that time because I can't go to infront to hang the banner..Suddenly Eunice told to the Tokio Hotel who was in the front "can we be at the front?because we wanna hang Wonder Girls banner..only two of us" I thought they gonna say no,but the said yes!Eunice even said "we wanna show to the girls how love we are to them" and the Tokio Hotel fans seems to understand it even though some of them really rude.But one of the them was really nice to us, she even helped us hang the banner.

I really dunno how to rotate this pic but yes, our banner was hanged and can be seen by them^^

This is where I stand on that day.REALLY AT FRONT!(just ignore the guard face ok?LOL)

We're there around 5.30pm and I didn't realized that Kenny was at my back.LOL
Suddenly it's heavy rain!Thank god MTV gave us the rain coat so we didn't get wet..But I think it's only my body that didn't wet..I can feel my shoes filled with water!hahahahaha.
I even told Eunice "are we gonna die here?I can't swim.." It was filled with water little by little because the stage was at the deep area if the pool filled with water..
The rain stopped after one hour...thank god..but it not really stop..LOL

The concert started around 7pm something.The 1st artist that performed is Bunkface.I love all their songs that they performed that night and they make me proud to be Malaysian.The Tokio Hotel fans beside me keep jumping when Bunkface perfroming and they make me wanna follow them to jump,I jumped with them..LOL. I even sang to all their songs that time especially to my favourite songs Prom Queen,Thru My Window,Situasi and Revolusi..Seriously I love that songs...Now,they have finished perfrom...

So,That's mean it our girl, Wonder Girls is next!omo omo I'm sooo excited!but the Tokio Hotel behind me keep saying "Tokio Hotel is next!Tokio Hotel is next!" Then,I turned around and told them that Wonder Girls will be next..They asked me how do I know that..I told them,because Yeeun from Wonder Girls posted Tokio Hotel doing they rehearsal around 4pm something on Friday and Wonder Girls did they're rehearsal around 2pm..They thanked to me..I talked to my self "omg you should know when ur idol gonna perform if you really love guys really not a Tokio Hotel fan.."sorry TH guys make me wanna say that...maybe some of you know when they gonna perform but the fans behind me really dunno anything!=__=

While waiting the girls to come out,there's some game from the MTV VJ..Utt look soo handsome that night and Sean, VJ from South Korea really look cute..He look like Wooyong for me..LOL=D
And only the VJs can choose who will be on the game..So,it's base on our luck..So,this lucky girl is the chosen one..she's wore a purple tshirt and have to scream until the VJ can hear it.LOL.She won the prize even though i don't think the VJs heard it..But we can see it on the big screen she's screaming..LOL
And the VJs go to the right of the stage to pick one to be on the game. I was at the right of the stage..Without any doubt, I opened my small Wonder Girls banner when I heard they wanna pick one of us from the right of the stage. I showing to them the banner and suddenly Utt said "the girl who is holding the Wonder Girls banner".I was looked at Eunice and said "what?" and I look around..There's no one who holding the banner except me..and when I looked at the big screen I was "omg~That's me!".
So, the they asked me to do "The Ugliest Face".I really dunno how to do it because I can't do it if it's spontaneous.So,I did it without look at on the screen how ugly I am that time...-__-..the VJ from Japan was laughed looking at me..I think all the VJs did..OMG seriously I'm sooo ashamed~So, I won the game and I got a red pillow from Sony Ericsson.. I still remember this..the VJs asked us to sing Nobody together why waving our hand in the air...can u imagine when 15000 peoples singing to Nobody together????omg~speechless..

I got this for "the ugliest face" game...=__=

The Wonder Girls turn is about to start...That time we already screamed "Wonder Girls!Wonder Girls!Wonder Girls!" Suddenly one of MTV staff came out from the black curtain to put the minerals water for the girls..and that time I saw SOHEE inside the cage!"omg I saw sohee!I saw sohee!she's inside the cage!I saw her!"LOL
Finally IT'S WONDER GIRLS~~~~~~I really screamed out loud when I saw they all were inside the cage...I spoted my Sunye unnie in the cage~yayy~hehehe..They came out from the cage with a sexy way and make the whole people there went crazy!LOL.So,the 1st song is I wanna..and the the music stoped.They wore a sunglases and it's Good Bye..I love Yoobin part that time..seriously,she's soooo sexy..People went crazy when Yeeun showed her body with opened her jacket lil bit..hahaha. I followed them sing together to I wanna and Good Bye and jump jump lil bit..Suddenly I realized something...The camera girl from MTV Korea were recording.But I dunno,is she recording me singing to their songs or what..hope I'll not be in MTV Wonder Girls season 4 for that part because I looked sooo damn ugly!plus,with my hair after the rain..-__-

Then,they talked lil bit...I heard Yeeun said selamat malam..LOL.Lim was standing infront of me. I waved to her and she replied.OMG~ Then, they continued by performed Hot Hot dance and So Hot.. People went crazy when they opened their coat!everyone scream~~~~LOL
I thought they gonna teach us to dance and sing Nobody but it's not! They taught us to sing Tell Me...We even have to compete which side is more louder..My side leaded by Yeeun and Lim,the left of stage by Yubin and Sohee and Sunye was in the middle..It's my side turn 1st.I really sang it louder~TELL ME TELL ME TE TE TE TE TELL ME~we were boo~ each other for the other side because my side is more louder than them..Even Yeeun showing the boo sign to the other side..LOL.I was sooo happy looked at them playing with us..hahaha.No wonder they taught us to sing Tell Me because it's tell me song next.
I heard this from Tokio Hotel fans talking to each other when they're singing to Tell Me "omg that girl is sooo sexy!""where?where?which one?""that one who wearing long sleeve and untight hair""omg she's sexy.I started to like her" They were talked about Sohee...LOL
It make proud as a WonderFuls once again because about 15000 peoples were singing to Tell Me together especially the TELL ME TELL ME TE TE TE TE TELL ME I feel like I'm watching a football that time..LOL.

And then they continued with 2 different Tears...We,the Wonderfuls did the fans chant but I started to danced when it come to 2DT chorus.two two~LOL.What a surprised~~~They sang 2DT in rock version with a guitar~~~There's a fireworks on their guitar and they pointed it to the air..I feel like Yoobin was the main singer for that version because she really look like a rockers star...She keep bagging her head around and even standing like a rockers star...step her foot on the speaker and clapped her hand to the air..LOL.And then it's continued with Nobody rock version make me more high that time..Seriously I feel like I'm not going to the Kpop artist concert but rock concert!hahaahah.. Suddenly after 2DT finished,they said bye to us and the black curtain closed the stage..we was "what????" I know that's their gimmick.LOL.

They went to change their clothes to Nobody outfit and their interview from MTV Iggy was on the screen...Everyone said "aaawwww........"when Sohee said she missed her home cook..She's mean food from Korea..I was laughed heard that "awww...." because it was from everyone!15000 peoples!hahahaha..I think the Tokio Hotel fans started to like Wonder Girls because of that..I even heard someone said "She's so cute when she said that"..LOL.I also keep saying "I want nobody nobody buy Wonder Girls" while waiting for them..The Tokio Hotel seems laughed at me..I DON'T CARE! because I really wanna they to perform nobody...

And the Wonder Girls cameback! They wore the gold outfit.Everyone started to dancing and sing together with them when "I want nobody nobody but you".Even everyone was claped twice to the air...I saw Yeeun smiling because of that...I pointed to Yeeun when she was standing infront of me and she replied. Lim also pointed at me..It's really make me went crazy!Then the nobody finished...Yeeun even said Terima Kasih...
I really screamed loud out loud that time and Yeeun was the last person who leave the stage...People started to quiet and before Yeeun really leave the stage I screamed to her "Yenny you look sexy!"I dunno if she heard it or not...For you guys info,the girls walked infront of me before they leave the stage..The place where they entered before...

We left the concert after the girls finished...We went to McD to have our dinner...Then,we went to Opera club for the Post Party..I have been waiting for the girls almost 2 hours there and what a surprise from MTV!
The girls have to perform Nobody back due to technical problem..! I found out what the technical problem is..There's no graphic during the Nobody performance before..So,they have to retaked.WTF!!!most of Wonderfuls is in Post Party! Then, I decided to go back to the concert..But when we just went out from Opera, I got a texted from my friend said the girls just finished performed.WTFFFF!!I'm not mad at the girls but I'm mad to MTV!Their performance was around 8pm till 8:40pm.Then they have to wait until 1am only for Nobody retake?????Seriously I was sooo mad that time... I asked the MTV staff at the Opera (the MTV staff seems know me because I won the Meet and Greet passes when she was at the roadshow too) if the girls will be at the Post Party..she said "No..the girls tired already..only the VJs and crews will be here".my RM72 such a wasted! I thought they'll be there..the other wonderfuls,we shared our money to buy the Post Party passes...You dunno how broked I am that time..But for the girls, I tried my best to find the money...RM72 is alot to me...I can use that money for 2 weeks food!T____T
So,me and Bobo went back home around 2.30am and arrived home at 3am...

I'm not straight away goes to sleep after arrived home..I have to packing the gifts for the girls 1st...
Bobo fall aslept after wrote the girls name for the paper bags..I keep call her name "bobo,bobo"..She really in ZZZZ land already..LOL.She was at my house since Friday...So, I packing up all the gifts over my self and I didn't realized about the time.I tried not to fall asleep while packing it because all MYwonderfuls are depend on me.. It almost 6am after I finished pack the gifts..Then, I went to bed..

2 Different Tears rock version baby~oohhh yyeaahh~~~

At the Post Party...I thought the girls will be there...T__T


We woke up a lil bit late that time..around 9am..omg I only went to sleep in 3 hours...But anything for the girls...So, we have to be at Sunway Hotel before 11.45am..
My mom was shocked looking at the gifts..It's really car's back seat was filled with the gifts.We arrived at Sunway Piramid parking around 11am and we ran to Asian Avenue because bobo wanna buy the teddy bear for Sunye...I thought she'll buy an average bear around RM100++.But OMG!it's the biggest teddy bear i ever seen!! I asked Bobo how much did she bought..she said 4..I thought RM40?but it's RM400!!!OMG!!!!She's really crazy!LOL.
The worker from that shop helped us brought the bear to the Hotel..I we about to rush because of the time and I sweat alot...LOL

With the biggest teddy bear I ever seen!lucky Sunye..
We meet other wonderfuls at the hotel's lobby like Rachel,Jie,Jessica,Kenny Jz,Pandoo and more.... Everyone was shocked by that damn big teddy bear and people at the lobby stared to the bear especially this Arabic family..LOL.  Rachel went to the 15th floor 1st while I'm waiting for Tracy,MTV staff that incharged for WG meet and greet winners from the roadshow.  Tisha still not there when Tracy arrived..So, I straight away called here and asked where is she..She almost arrived.. While waiting for her, one of MTV Korea PD nim asked us if we're Wonder Girls fans and I said "yes".But the MTV staff that came with Tracy said "No".I asked her,"why u said so?" She replied, "because u guys are the winner from the roadshow"ok...
I don't mind she said that because in my imagination said the MTV Korea will be with us for meet and greet..LOL.Then,Tisha arrived..So,we all went to the 15th floor together...

We were placed at one room and I met Rachel again there...Suddenly the MTV Korea PD-nim came in and asked us "can you guys show ur support to the girls?" we said "ofcause!"
Then the PD-nim record us from left to right...we waved on the camera..some said "I love Wonder Girls""wonder girls saraghae"...Then suddenly the PD-nim asked us who wanna get the interview..I said out loud "Rachel!"LOL.sorry Rachel i said ur name because the PD-nim was really near with u..hehehehe XD
Rachel said she dunno what she was saying but I think she spoke everything well..She even did 2DT dance and we who were there sang the chorus part..Then, PD-Nim said he want more people to be interview..Suddenly Rachel said my name "Nazz" out loud..or Bobo?sorry I forgot already...T_T
So, the PD-nim came to us..I don't want to get interview alone because I know I will speak something that out of topic!So,I told Bobo let's do it together... Then the PD-nim asked us "why do u guys like Wonder Girls?" I almost followed the same answer from Rachel but I changed it and I think it's really out of topic! I told the PD-nim "I started to like them when I watched their Tell Me music video in 2007 and from there I started wanna get to know them more and more and more and more"WTH sooooo many "more"-__-
He also asked what is our favourite wonder girls song and I said Nobody while Bobo said Irony..  I said Nobody because it remind me of how challenging I am practiced the Nobody dance because I never dance before..This is my 1st time!anything for the girls...LOL
then we danced to Nobody together..Me and Bobo..The PD-nim also interviewed other WonderFuls which is I don't know them...But we getting close now thru facebook and forum..^_^
We also gave a shouted out to Wonder Girls with MYWonderfuls banner...Hope that part will be show in MTV Wonder Girls Season 4..hehe :D

Me and Bobo...While waiting wanna meet them...

PD-nim interviewing WonderFuls

A few minutes later one of the MTV staff came and he told us we'll be in group,6 peoples and only for five minutes to meet the girls.I was "WHAT?!?!?! FIVE MINUTES??!" I asked why it SOOO SHORT?He said because the girls schedule were really tight...WTH....So,we decided to be in the last group to meet them..Wanna make them surprise looking at our gifts when we enter the room..LOL.The last group that with me was Bobo,Rachel,Jane,Tisha and her friend.. The funniest thing that I still remember, we all get our phone ready on camera mood before enter the place where we should meet the girls because we want take a pic with them and not waste our time..LOL

So,It's our turn now!My heart beating faster that time...really nervous to meet them..We even don't have enough hand to bring the gifts..the MTV staff said "do you need my help?" I said "it's ok..I can handle it" LOL.Seriously I can't belived that I meet the girls~I didn't look at them when I'm entered but I heard their voice because of that big teddy bear's Bobo bought..I feel like I'm looking at 5 dolls!Especially Lim because she looked so high that time..Maybe because of her high heels..LOL.and finally I SAW MY SUNYE UNNIE~~~~argh~

So,I put the presents i brought near with Yubin and suddenly those words came out from my mouth "omg i'm so nervous!" I dunno if Yubin  heard it or not..I wish not..LOL.Rachel gave me Sunye's gift to me and to pass it..Rachel really know I love Sunye soo much..LOL..I also gave her my purple sunflower...Hope she'll like it..I gave the 2DT albums that with me to Yubin sign 1st..It's not only my albums but also Dixxon and kak Bee..I asked for Yubin sign 1st because they two are Yoobinians...That's why I didn't have much time to spend with my Sunye unnie..T__T
And yes I really looked clumsy that time especially when Yubin asked "what's you name".I have to look at the album who's album are she signing..I label the nam at the back..So,I have to bend and look at the back of the Album..So,that's my album and I said "nazz".  I even talked to Yeeun while Yubin signing the album..I told Yeeun "Yenny you look so sexy last night.did you hear my voice?"and she just smiled..seriously I dunno what I have talked about..The nervouseness really at the high level!Yeeun was at the far left and Yubin was at the far right. Can u imagine how loud I am talked to Yeeun that kinda far from me?and I hope Yubin didn't think something about me because I was at her side but I talked to Yeeun..LOL
Suddenly the security said "Times up!it's group photo now" but we all just ignored it..LOL.and the albums that with me still didn't get other girls signature..So, I asked for bobo help because I saw her only busy with Sunye..LOL.Sorry bobo.. :D I took a pic with Yubin using my phone..

Yubin~~~~ ^_^

Then,I moved to MY SUNYE UNNIE~~~FINALLY~~~I asked for her signature on my matrix card cover..why?because I did a bet with my housemates.They know how much I love Sunye...Everything around me I'll call Sunye...Even my laptop password is "Sunye" LOL.They all know me SO WELL! They said "we wanna see your Sunye signature behind ur matrix card cover if not you gonna pay all the rental house payment!" I said "what if I got her signature?" they said "that's mean you really love Sunye so much"LOL.
So,I got her signature...She really make laughed that time because she can't write my name..I told her to write my name.She asked "what's your name" me "Naza"(all my friends called me Naza..only my friends that i know from forum and twitter called me Nazz..) she wrote "To" then she stop..I know she can't write my name..So, I spelled it one by one..I said "N...."wait till she write it..Then "A...." but she kinda dunno what I was saying..maybe because of my Malay pronunciation make she can't understand..So, I changed to American pronunciation..I said "A..." with American pronunciation twice..Then,she got it.phhheeww~finally she can write "A" LOL. Then I said "Z...." I used American english that time because I know it'll hard for her to understand Britain english..For you info, Malaysia are using Britain english..Wait till she wrote it,Then I said "A...".Kinda tough work for her that time...How hard to write my name..LOL.Then, I took a pic with her using my phone... That time the guard there warned us or the second time and I keep saying "two minutes please". Even the Malay guard said "dek dah tu dek" and I said "bang jap bang..due minit je..due minit je.."LOL. I also gave Sunye her birthday cake from MYwonderfuls and I said "This is a birthday cake from us and it's Pandan cake!" she said "aaawww....I love pandan cake" I know you like pandan cake..that's why I bought it...hehehehe ^_^

my Sunye unnie~~~ ^_^

Because I love 2YE couple so much, I straight away went to Yeeun..I showed  up my phone and said "can you sign here" she said "sure"..She signed at my phone cover...and straighly took pic with her..But it was only half of my face inside the pic.-__- I thought I still have time to go to Sohee and Lim to take a pic with them but the guard there really said "no more!it's group photo now!".So,I didn't have a chance to take pic with them...T___T...Yeeun pulled my right shoulder and make me standing beside her..But that time I was looking at Sunye..There's still have space beside Lim and Sunye..I wanna go there~ and standing beside her but I was stucked in the middle..Yeeun face was at my left..So, I can't do nothing and I can feel the magnet on her face that make me wanna stand beside her..LOL.But I'm so jelous with Bobo that time because she standing beside Sunye..But thank god I love Yeeun too~ So, I don't mind standing beside her..She really look beautiful!especially when she smiled...No wonder most of all my friends said Yeeun is the prettiest...Lucky me got to met her and seen her with my own eyes...^_^

Yeeun with my half face...=___=

I huged Yeeun right after finished the group photo season..I huged her really tight!I was paused hugging about 5 second?LOL.I even told her "finally I can hug you" LOL.It's really comfortable hugging with her..Make me wanna hug her again~~~~But I have to save my time for other girls too..After huged Yeeun,I huged Sohee and  I said "thank you sohee".Then I huged Lim..But I was looking at her before hug..She's really tall!I even said "omg Lim you are so tall! and I'm short".She laughed..Then I Huged Sunye..I tried to hug her tight like what I did to Yeeun but she kinda didn't allowed it...Atleast she pat pat at my back...LOL
And lastly I huged Yubin...She said "thank you" to me...I touched her hair without I realized it..LOL. Love her hair..I wish my mom will allow me to have same hair colour as her...Rachel passed the Kenny's gift to Yubin and I told Yubin that "it's from Kenny and he from Singapore..He is here with us and under the heavy rain together last night.."She kinda pending and said "ah....".Dunno what kind of expression was that..LOL

So sad that we have to left the room...T_____T
They said bye to us...and we left..went to the room where's we put our stuff there...But before we left I told them to come back to Malaysia soon... And they said they will~All of us keep jumping of happinest at the room where our stuff placed and showing our picture with then to each other..I suddenly remembered something before we left..It's our banner~~I brought the banner at the room where we met the girls..I thought we have time to take a pic with them using the banner..  So, I asked one of MTV staff to take the banner for me...She thought I wanna go inside there again..I said no...Just help me to get the banner back...She asked me about the food that we gave while she giving me the banner.. "is the food for the girls?" we said "ofcause". What a funny question to ask...LOL
We were firewell to each other,Wonderfuls at the hotel lobby..but I'm still with Bobo,Rachel and Jane..went to find Jessica and Kenny and lunched at Wendy..LOL
my phone cover with Yeeun's

My matrix card cover with Sunye's signature...yesss~

This is such  the great,best,sweet memories I ever had in the rest of my life~!I hope it's true that they're going back to Malaysia and have their own concert...I'm soooo ready for that..*starting to saving money*
I also hope the meet and greet them will be happen again to me...Really wanna meet them face to face again... and I would like say thanks to MYWONDERFULS that helped for the whole project we did especially Dixxon, Bee, Bobo, Tisha, Jessica, Rachel, Jane,Kenshin for the kerepek sponsor,the donators and all MYwonderfuls out there that came to MTV World Stage~you guys such the AWSOME Kpop fans I ever know...Let's work hard on the next project when they wanna come here again...Maybe we'll give them our traditional clothes this time?baju kurung or baju kebaya?LOL

and it will never change~ ♥